Aviation English Language Proficiency

English language certifications for pilots

AELP Work - Aviation English Language Proficiency

AFAN has implemented the AELP system, a test for the certification of the knowledge of the English language and the evaluation of the written and oral competences of not-English mother-tongue non-native speakers of English, the so-called "Requirements of linguistic competence", according to ICAO regulations, and european and national regulations .

The AELP Test is oral and is conducted by an Examiner (Rater), who has been appointed by AFAN. Each test is registered and, if conducted by an authorized external center, it is sent to the AFAN office which issues the relative certificate.

AELP Test : euro 162,27.

English language certifications for pilots, Rome Ciampino

Why take the Test of English for Aviation proposed by AFAN?

The AFAN English test complies with ICAO rules, but compared to other similar ones it is more focused on the aspect of communications in English in terms of simple comprehension and communication.

AFAN exam model:

It evaluates the knowledge and understanding of the English language both from a generic point of view and from an aeronautical point of view, through:

  1. Series of introductory questions. The questions are asked to establish the general knowledge of the language.
  2. Messages. As in various tests currently on the market, the AFAN test contains 10 messages. During the test the candidate will listen to them and then repeat / decipher / explain.
  3. Fill-in the gaps. The comprehension part is followed by a fill-in the gaps exercise, typical of the IELTS and of the various Cambridge exams, on which all ICAO exams are based. This part is the one that differs the most from the TEA and that is based more than the others on the Cambridge standards, which represent the basis for ICAO levels.
  4. Photo. Subsequently, the candidate must answer questions regarding photos (specifically 2 photos that are shown separately) that describe particular situations in the aeronautical field (emergency situations and more or less standard situations). In addition, this part is more similar to the typical exam used by various certification bodies in the aeronautical world. Depending on the type of photo, the candidate will then have to answer some more operational questions.

The duration of the exam is about 25-30 minutes (like various other ICAO exams in the world) but is more focused on the aspect of communication skills and understanding of the language in the aeronautical field.

Finally, AFAN commits to update the examination models on a regular basis (the other tests use the same models for many years) in order to prevent them from becoming too familiar to the candidates.

Aviation English Language Proficiency