“AELP - Afan English Language Proficiency” for Drone

EASA legislation, relating to rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft, it will come into force from 1 July 2020.

We believe that according to the increasing demand of the use of Drones with reference to UAS operations for the Open, Specific and Certified categories, the new EASA regulation will be able to provide control and verification of the minimum operational English language knowledge requirements, especially when operating in critical areas or foreign countries.

In this regard, Afan 2016 offers the opportunity to participate in targeted Courses and Exams with Certification in Aeronautical English Language - Drones.

The AELP English Test includes a technical part concerning drones and their use and focuses on the communicative aspect of conversations in English from simple understanding to transmission ability.

English certification for Rome Ciampino pilots

The AELP exam model evaluates the knowledge and understanding of the English language both from a generic and from an aeronautical point of view through:

  1. Introductory questions. These questions are asked to establish the candidate’s general knowledge of the language.
  2. As in various tests currently on the market the candidates will be subjected to listening to 10 messages; during the test, the candidate will have to listen to these messages and then repeat / decipher / explain
  3. Fill-in. The comprehension part is followed by another fill-in the gaps exercise, typical of IELTS and the various Cambridge exams, on which all ICAO exams are based.
  4. Subsequently, the candidate will have to answer some questions regarding photos (specifically 2 photos that will be shown separately) that describe particular situations that can occur in the aeronautical field (emergency situations and more or less standard situations). Based on the type of photo, the candidate will then have to answer some more operational questions.
The overall duration of the exam is about 20-30 minutes.