Aeronautics and Naval Training Company

Aeronautics and Naval Training Company

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A.F.A.N. 2016

The AFAN project was born from the experiences of a group of professionals in the field. The intense and frenetic work led to the creation of a highly qualified structure which aims at a specialized research and professional training.

The focus is on the training issues of two segments of the wider transport sector: aeronautics and naval. The AFAN therefore intends to be a solution to the HR needs of the companies of the two segments through the following activities:

  • Analysis of the training needs of the various entities such as airlines and ground operators included in airports, ports and connected systems.
  • Planning, development and provision of education and training programs of different levels, developed in compliance with national, European and international directives, according to consolidated methods in the training and human resources development.
  • Initial training of newly hired personnel;
  • Continuous training and updating of already operating and trained personnel;
  • Higher level specialist training for specific figures and tasks;
  • Implementation of study events, spreading and exchange of knowledge - conferences, lectures, workshops - on the most current and crucial issues related to the aerial / maritime reality and technical-specialist training.

Aeronautical sector

The addressees of the training are Pilots, Flight Attendants, staff of the Aeronautical Maintenance, and other personnel that has to do with Aviation (Flight Controllers, Flight Dispatchers, flight assistance personnel, airport personnel, etc.).
In compliance with the regulations and the national regulations in force, AFAN has received ENAC certification of the AELP program, a test valid for the level of English under national and international regulations. AFAN has its own certified center to carry out tests for the minimum level of English in the aeronautical sector. The company has also developed and implemented a series of training courses to increase the required English language skills. All programs, although not formally required by the standards, are inspired by the contents of European and / or national legislation which implicitly indicate their usefulness.
Pasini Alessandro
Pasini AlessandroCEO
Prof. Gentili Giulia
Prof. Gentili GiuliaHead of training, senior instructor
Prof. Lombardi Arianna
Prof. Lombardi AriannaSenior instructor, examiner, rater
Mrs Valastro Roberta
Mrs Valastro RobertaGlobal Customer Support

Maritime sector

The company will be a reference point for a highly specialized training of maritime personnel.
The inspiration for the fundamentals of the sector in terms of security, IMO STCW, GMDSS and ISPS is ensuring that a series of training courses are being implemented for all the specializations of the sector.
The company will also conduct the AELP experience in the maritime sector by requesting certification of the training path and the related TEST to certify the knowledge of the English language.
Pilot training center Rome Ciampino
Pasini Alessandro
Pasini AlessandroCEO
Prof. Benvenuti Tania
Prof. Benvenuti TaniaHead of training, senior instructor
Prof. Ruggiero Roberto
Prof. Ruggiero RobertoSenior instructor, examiner, rater
Mrs Valastro Roberta
Mrs Valastro RobertaGlobal Customer Support